Bicycles are surprisingly quick – it is man’s most efficient form of transport.  Commuting on your bike is astoundingly practical and works so well for a number of reasons:

Fitness and weight loss
Commuting by bike is great for your health, giving you a low-impact workout twice a day, so it can help you keep your weight down. According to the government regular exercise like cycling also halves your chances of suffering from heart disease, and helps to prevent strokes, diabetes, and some kinds of cancer. Your blood pressure and resting heart rate will be lower, and you’ll feel more awake and less stressed.
Money savings

By not getting in the car, you could save yourself a small fortune – and most people make up the cost of their bike in a couple of months in what they save, there’s no doubt that you’re better off by bike.


Road traffic is a major source of air and noise pollution, and the transport sector is the fastest growing source of carbon dioxide emissions in the EU. Anyone who swaps road transport for a bike will help reduce this pollution and help prevent global climate change. Help stop climate chaos by getting on your bike.

At work

You can incorporate cycling into your working day as well. Consider going to that meeting by bike. Have a word with your employer, how about some ‘pool’ bikes that everyone can use. Do you have to travel from one site to another, if so think about using your bike instead of a car. Do you have to travel long distance? Why not get a folding bike and spend your time working whilst travelling on the train?

With a little thought you can shed those pounds, get a little fitter and some fresh air whilst at work!

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