Cycle Maintenance

Keeping your bike in perfect working order will make it more enjoyable, and safer, to ride.

The pages in this section will take you through the basic day to day maintenance techniques, covering the following points:

  • Bike check – how to complete a quick safety check of your bike
  • Lubrication – using the right lubricants in the right places
  • Contact points – adjusting height and position of saddle and handlebars
  • Brakes – types of brakes, checking pad wear and alignment, checking cables
  • Gears – types of gears, front and rear derailleur adjustment, cables
  • Puncture Repair – quick easy steps for perfect repairs every time
  • Tyres – choosing tyres, Fitting, Fixing punctures, tyre pressure
  • Wheels – checking quick releases and wheel nuts, checking spokes

Anatomy of a bike

The Stockton-on-Tees Active Travel Hub