How to: Lubrication

lube 2To keep a bike and all its parts in good condition, you must ‘lube’ it regularly. For those who ride their bikes daily this means about once a week in winter and every 2 weeks in summer. For those who ride perhaps weekly or monthly, monthly will suffice. Certainly lube your bike after every washing.

When you lubricate your bike, be sure to use lubricants that are suited to the weather conditions you’ll be riding in. Rainy areas require more durable bike oils, while drier areas require lighter oils that won’t pick up as much dirt. Also keep in mind that wetter conditions typically require more frequent lubrications.

Brake callipers

lube 1

Brakes – Lube the brake pivots being careful to not get it on the pads or rims.

Applying lube to chain

Chain – Your chain is your bike’s most “at risk” lubricated part. It should be lubricated frequently (to slow the rate of chain wear), and will benefit from being removed from your bike from time to time to be thoroughly cleaned in a solvent and re-oiled. The more frequently you lube your chain however, the less necessary off-bike cleanings will be.

In general, you should lubricate your chain whenever it squeaks or appears “dry.” Lubing after wet rides will help keep your chain from rusting. Keep in mind that the type of chain lube you use will affect how often you need to lubricate. The chain should be soaked with whatever type of lube you choose to use, follow the instructions given. Give it time to penetrate and dry if necessary.

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