Cycling to School

cycling to school

It’s what children want! 90% of children have bikes and over 30% would like to cycle to school, but only one per cent do.
Encouraging children to cycle and helping them do so safely sends out positive messages about school life. It gives children a role in improving their own environment and personal sense of wellbeing.

Here are five reasons why cycling is the best way to get to school:

  • It’s fun – Cycling is one of the most popular activities whether mountain biking, BMX-ing or going places.
  • It puts you in control – no more waiting for a bus or a lift, go where you want when you want.
  • It’s good for you – part of your physical activity for the day.
  • Its good for the environment – doesn’t use fossil fuels, produce greenhouses gases or pollution.
  • It’s quick and cheap – you can travel 4x as far or quick by bike as you can walking, and you don’t have bus fares or fuel bills to pay.
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