Portrack Loop

5.9 miles // 9.5 km

45 minutes

Mostly paved surfaces with a small section of dirt path

This loop makes the most of the long stretch of riverside route and the route running alongside the A19, connecting Stockton centre to Norton and the Newport Bridge. The ride is entirely on traffic-free paths, with a solid surface everywhere except the northernmost stretch connecting the A19 to Norton, which will be muddy when it’s wet. We’ve added a blue section to the map which is an alternative route to avoid this, although it is on some quiet roads. Good views along the way of 4 of the River Tees bridges as well as Portrack Marsh Nature Reserve.

What You’ll See

Route Map


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Refreshments and toilets are available at the café in the Tees Barrage White Water Centre

Free parking is available at the Tees Barrage, on either side of the river.



You could start anywhere along this route and ride it in either direction, but for these directions we’ll start at the barrage and ride anti-clockwise.

  1. leaving from the north side of the Tees (on the side with the White Water Centre on), ride East along the Tees, keeping the river to your right, all the way to the Newport Bridge.
  2. Ride under the Newport Bridge and follow the path round to a cycle path T-junction, where you turn right and follow the road to a large roundabout.
  3. Use the pedestrian crossing to cross Haverton Hill Road, then turn left once you’re on the other side, keeping the roundabout to your left.
  4. Use two more pedestrian crossings to pass the roundabout slip-roads and under the A19, then turn right onto the cycle path once you’re on the other side.
  5. Follow this path for about 3/4 of a mile until you find a scrub track taking a hairpin left. If you ride between houses you’ve gone too far!
  6. Take this turn-off (it will be signposted as NCN 14) and follow the gravel path down a slight hill and between hedgerows, ignoring the two left turns onto other dirt paths.
  7. You’ll eventually reach a tarmac path – turn left and head between the two stone bollards, then follow the path round onto a very wide concrete stretch past Holme House prison.
  8. Once you reach the end, keep right and follow the path down to Portrack Lane, crossing it using the pedestrian crossing.
  9. Turn right after the pedestrian crossing, using the cycle path to turn left at the first road junction, riding past the go karting building and some warehouses on your left.
  10. Follow this cycle path all the way along Crofton Road until you reach the turn-off for the infinity bridge.
  11. Cross the bridge, and take the hairpin right turn back down to the river.
  12. Turn right at the river, keeping it on your left as you ride past the University campus and through a small car park.
  13. The last stretch has a split walking/cycle path route on the pavement, which can be crowded at busy times. Follow this path to the barrage, then cross the bridge to finish the ride!
  14. Celebrate by having a rest and looking for seals in the river.
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