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Welcome to the Hub’s Route Map Library. With help from our guided walk leaders, we’ve compiled our favourite routes from all over the Stockton borough so you can enjoy them too. Find walks near your home or work, or go somewhere new and use these routes to help you explore!

Stockton Town Centre

Mostly flat, solid surfaces

Shortest walk: 2.6km (30 minutes)

Longest walk: 7km (1 hour 20 minutes)

You’ll be surprised what you can see just a short walk from Stockton’s town centre. Paths along both sides of the River Tees extend as far as the Newport Bridge, passing Portrack Marshes and Maze Park Nature reserve. That’s not all though: you can walk up to Newham Grange Park, along Lustrum Beck, round Ropner Park or along the River Tees in Thornaby.


Paths to the North or East may be muddy

Shortest walk: 3.8km (45 minutes)

Longest walk: 8.2km (1 hour 40 minutes)

Walks from Norton stretch out between farms to the North, east to Billingham Beck, or south through leafly paths as far as Newham Grange Park or the River Tees.

Hardwick, Roseworth, Elmtree and Newtown

Paths to the North may be muddy

Shortest walk: 2.7km (30 minutes)

Longest walk: 10km (2 hours)

Choose rural routes through fields to the North, or stay closer to home and make the most of the area’s many tree-lined paths, including through Hardwick Dene Nature Reserve.

Fairfield, Oxbridge and Hartburn

Rural routes through fields may be muddy

Shortest walk: 3.2km (40 minutes)

Longest walk: 6.8km (1 hour 20 minutes)

Many of these loops take in sections of the Stockton Greenway (the old railway line), with some passing through Six Fields to Hartburn Brick Pond and Hartwell Wood. One route links Ropner Park to Bowesfield Marsh via the River Tees.


Good solid paths other than Bowesfield Marsh

Shortest walk: 2.8km (30 minutes)

Longest walk: 5.75km (1 hour 10 minutes)

Parkfield is right in the middle of many nice places to walk. Enjoy Ropner Park, Bowesfield Marsh, or either side of the River Tees with these varied loops.


Grassy paths outside of Thornaby may be muddy

Shortest walk: 5.3km (1 hour)

Longest walk: 8km (1 hour 35 minutes)

A mix of shorter routes through Thornaby, and some longer walks to the Tees Barrage, Preston Park, or even following the path of the old River Tees.

Ingleby Barwick

Horseshoe Bend may be muddy

Shortest walk: 3.3km (40 minutes)

Longest walk: 7.3km (1 hour 30 minutes)

Ingleby Barwick has an amazing network of high quality paths, with almost endless routes to choose from. We’ve highlighted 7, along with walks branching out to Preston Park and Horseshoe Bend


Rural routes through fields may be muddy

Shortest walk: 2.4km (30 minutes)

Longest walk: 5.8km (1 hour 10 minutes)

Stay local with these routes around Billingham, or branch out to Cowpen Bewley, Billingham Beck or Norton Farms.

Coffee Walks

Scenic walking loops in Stockton, with coffee shops along the way that are providing take-out drinks. We called every coffee shop on this map to make sure they’re still open – you can see their opening hours by clicking on the coffee icon, and you can see more information about the walking route by clicking on each coloured line. Enjoy!

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