Tees Barrage Marshes and Meadows

3.1 miles (5km)

1 hour 10 minutes

Rough, muddy when wet

Starting at the Tees Barrage, this route takes you through Portrack Marshes and out to Billingham Beck, before looping under the Newport Bridge and back along the River Tees.

The Route

Route Map

Starting from the Tees Barrage, you can loop round in either direction. Click the top-right button on the map to open it in the Google Maps app on your phone


For a well earned rest after your walk, the San Seb coffee truck is offering 25% off hot drinks to all walkers – find the discount code below.

The truck will be at the Barrage Wednesday – Sunday, 9am – 2pm, and Saturday 8am – 3pm. It’s highlighted on the map with the red cup.

Discount Code

To earn your discount code, you’ll have to do the walk first! Answer the question in the quiz below, and the code will be revealed. The location of the answer is marked on the route map with a green star.

As you get to the far corner of the walk near Billingham Beck you'll see this tower in the distance. What two letters are written on the tower?

and just quickly ... how old are you?

Do you have a disability?

Further Information

You can get to the Tees Barrage using the X10 or X12 busses, or it’s a mile walk from Thornaby train station. Parking is available at the barrage on both sides of the river.

The Billingham Beck section of this walk will be slippery when wet, so make sure to wear grippy shoes.


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