Norton Café Walk

3.1 miles (5km)

1 hour

Rough, muddy when wet

Starting by Norton’s lovely duck pond, this linear walk will take you north out of the village and through the nearby countryside, with peaceful fields and pleasant views. There are some muddy sections further on, so turn back earlier if you want to keep your shoes clean!
Pondview Tearooms makes for a perfect resting spot after the walk, with views of the duck pond and great hot drinks and snacks.

The Route

Route Map

Starting from Norton High Street, head north over the footbridge. Click the top-right button on the map to open it in the Google Maps app on your phone


For a well earned rest after your walk, Pondview Tearooms is offering 25% off hot drinks to all walkers. – find the discount code below.

Opening times are 7am-2pm, Monday – Sunday. The location is highlighted on the route map with a red cup.

Discount Code

To earn your discount code, you’ll have to do the walk first! Answer the question in the quiz below, and the code will be revealed.

On the signpost you'll see during your walk (marked on the map with a green star), how many miles away is Sydney?

and just quickly ... how old are you?

Do you have a disability?

Further Information

If you want to extend this walk, you can continue through the fields to get to Blakestone Lane, and then loop south back into Norton. View that route here.

You can get to Norton using the 35, 37, 38 or 53 bus.


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