Elmtree to Preston Park

6.4 miles // 10.3 km

50 minutes

Suitable for all bikes

Linear routes are great because you can turn back whenever you like. This route rides up and down the Stockton Greenway, an old railway line which has been converted into a walk and cycle path. Although it’s close to residential areas, it feels completely wild as you walk between lines of trees and past Hartburn’s Six Fields.

Preston Park provides a great start/end point, or a lovely destination if you’re riding from Elmtree or Oxbridge.

What You’ll See

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Ropner Park

Refreshments and toilets at Ropner Park Cafe

Small car park available on Hartburn Lane

Preston Park

Cafe, toilets, car parking and bike lockers all available at Preston Park



You can join this route at any point, but for these directions we’ll start in Elmtree and head South to Preston Park

  1. From Mosston Road in Elmtree, join the cycle path and pedal south, crossing straight over Bishopton Road West and Oxbridge Lane.
  2. Eventually you will pop out in Hartburn, where the path will fork at the bottom of a small hill.
  3. Keep right at the fork, and use the pedestrian crossing to go over Darlington Road.
  4. Follow the cycle path right, up through a metal squeeze gate and into some lovely fields.
  5. Follow this path right the way along until you get to a slight right which goes under a tunnel.
  6. After the tunnel, you will come to a signposted railway crossing point – ignore that and keep right towards Preston Park.
  7. Eventually the path ends at another squeeze gate, where you will briefly be on a section of quiet road.
  8. Turn left onto the road, going under an old railway bridge and out to a T-junction.
  9. Turn right onto the cycle path at the T-junction, and use the pedestrian crossing just further down to cross over Yarm Road.
  10. From here, it’s a very short section on the pavement before you can turn left into Preston Park.
  11. Follow the path straight and you’ll end up right outside Preston Park museum. Near the café in the car park there are bike racks to lock your bike to.
  12. It’s the same path for the journey back, so just follow the directions in reverse. Enjoy!
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