Full River Tees Loop

6.2 miles // 9.9 km

45 minutes

Suitable for all bikes

This is the longest loop you can ride along the Tees, from Stockton town centre to the Newport Bridge near Middlesbrough. The paths are flat and away from roads, and at over 6 miles it’s great for tiring out kids. You could continue along the south side of the river to Dino Park in Middlesbrough if you’re feeling adventurous!

What You’ll See

Route Map


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Tees Barrage

Café and toilets at the Tees Barrage White Water Centre

Free parking at the Barrage, on either side of the river

Stockton Town Centre

A wide range of cafés are available on Stockton High Street

Toilets can be found in the Castlegate Centre and in the Shambles in the centre of the High Street

Car parking available at the Castlegate Centre, Mecca Bingo and by the Riverside. Also, there’s free bike parking at the Hub Monday – Friday. Pop in and say hi!



You could start anywhere along this route and ride it in either direction, but for these directions we’ll start at the Tees Barrage and ride clockwise.

  1. From the Barrage, keep the river on your right as you pedal towards Middlesbrough.
  2. Continue straight along the river under the A19 flyover, and towards the Newport Bridge.
  3. As you approach the Newport Bridge, go through a squeeze gate and follow the path right, turning under the Newport bridge and then sweeping left uphill.
  4. The path will rise until you reach a t junction at the top; turn left and ride across the Newport Bridge.
  5. Once you’re most of the way across the bridge, take the metal ramp down to your left.
  6. At the bottom of the ramp, take a sharp right and ride under the Newport Bridge and onto the path with the River on your right.
  7. From here on, it’s a nice easy pedal under the A19 Flyover, past Maze Park Nature Reserve (on your left) and back towards the Barrage.
  8. Continue on the cycle path past the barrage, through a car park, past a slipway and through a squeeze point.
  9. Keep the river on your right, riding past the University Campus.
  10. Keep on the same path under the Infinity Bridge and around the canal features, eventually following the path left away from the river and around a large open area of water surrounded by buildings.
  11. Keeping the water to your right the whole time, you’ll eventually join back onto the river Tees again.
  12. Shortly after turning onto the Tees, you’ll need to take a left turn up a skinny path which runs between two buildings and leads out onto a large roundabout.
  13. Follow the path right, moving past the roundabout and towards the Victoria Bridge.
  14. Cross the bridge on the cycle path, and keep on the cycle path, using the pedestrian crossing to get past the entrance to Mecca Bingo.
  15. Keep on riding along the cycle path, wrapping all the way around Mecca Bingo and ending up on a road named Moat Street. You’ll see two entrances to your left – the first is a builders merchants, the second is the cycle path you need to take.
  16. Follow this path past a small car park, and then take a quick right and left turn to end up back along the river.
  17. From here it’s plan sailing (or cycling) as you keep the river to your right and pedal under the Princess Diana bridge, past the rowing club, under the Infinity Bridge, and back to the barrage.
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