Short Rides

Whether you’re brand new to cycling and want to start small, or you’re in a rush and need to pack a nice ride into 30 minutes, these routes will do the trick.

Norton High Street to Billingham

2.3 miles // 3.8km

20 minutes

Rough ground: Hybrid or Mountain Bike Advised

The route contains the two hills in and out of Norton, so there’s a bit of a climb and descent. A good spread of cycle paths and some on-road sections.

River Tees Loop: Infinity and Victoria Bridges

2.6 miles // 4.1 km

20 minutes

Suitable for all bikes

One of Stockton’s most popular rides, this short loop takes in views of the Tees from both sides of the river, as well as when crossing the Infinity and Victoria bridges.

River Tees Loop: Barrage to Newport Bridge

2.9 miles // 4.7 km

25 minutes

Suitable for all bikes

Linking the Tees Barrage to the iconic Newport Bridge using both sides of the River Tees. Smooth flat paths, great for kids, and very difficult to get lost!

Ropner Park and Grangefield

3.1 miles // 5 km

25 minutes

Suitable for all bikes

A good ride for those with not a lot of time. It scoots around Ropner Park, past Grangefield School, and returns along the lovely Stockton Greenway.

River Tees Loop: Infinity to Newport Bridges

4.2 miles // 6.8km

35 minutes

Suitable for all bikes

A lovely flat ride which unites 4 of Stockton’s iconic landmarks: the Bridges. Beginning at the Infinity Bridge it uses the Riverside route for its entirety.

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