River Tees Loop: Infinity to Newport Bridges

4.2 miles // 6.8 km

35 minutes

Suitable for all bikes

A lovely flat ride that unites 4 of Stockton’s iconic landmarks: the Bridges. Beginning at the Infinity Bridge it uses the Riverside route for its entirety.

Passing the Tees Barrage onward towards Portrack Marsh Nature Reserve, under the A19 Flyover and on towards the equally iconic Newport Bridge. The route back takes you alongside Maze Park Nature Reserve, past the University and finally back to the Infinity Bridge. Magic.

What You’ll See

Route Map


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Café and toilets at the Tees Barrage White Water Centre

Free parking at the Barrage, on either side of the river



You could start anywhere along this route and ride it in either direction, but for these directions we’ll start at the North side of the Infinity Bridge and ride clockwise

  1. Starting off at the Infinity Bridge North side, ride down the ramp towards the river, and turn left at the end, keeping the river on your right.
  2. You will then have an easy ride along the river to the Tees Barrage, keeping right when the path forks. The path passes some bollards and turns right onto a stretch of unused road, then swings left before the bridge and through some more bollards towards picnic benches.
  3. Continue straight along the river under the A19 flyover, and towards the Newport Bridge.
  4. As you approach the Newport Bridge, go through a squeeze gate and follow the path right, turning under the Newport bridge and then sweeping left uphill.
  5. The path will rise until you reach a t junction at the top; turn left and ride across the Newport Bridge.
  6. Once you’re most of the way across the bridge, take the metal ramp down to your left.
  7. At the bottom of the ramp, take a sharp right and ride under the Newport Bridge and onto the path with the River on your right.
  8. It’s a long run down to the A19 Flyover, past the Maze Park Nature Reserve (on your left) and then on towards the Barrage.
  9. Continue on the cycle path past the barrage, through a car park, past a slipway and through a squeeze point.
  10. Keep the river on your right, riding past the University Campus.
  11. Take care of the blind corner at the end of the straight you may have pedestrians or other cyclists coming the other way! Follow the path around the basin and on towards the Infinity Bridge.
  12. Take the left turn immediately after riding under the Infinity Bridge, to get into the ramp up to cross it.
  13. Ride over the Infinity Bridge and take in the views as you freewheel down the other side. 4.2 miles – you did it!
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