Yarm Café Walk

1.3 miles (2km)

30 minutes

Mostly flat and paved

Taking you slightly off the beaten track, wander along the River Tees and through the autumnal streets of Yarm before heading back onto the High Street for refreshments.

The Route

Route Map

Starting at Sainsbury’s, head towards the river and turn left, following the route anti-clockwise. Click the top-right button on this map to open it in the Google Maps app on your phone


For a well earned rest after your walk, these cafés are offering 25% off hot drinks to all walkers – find the discount code below. All participating cafés are highlighted on the route map with a red cup.

Opening times are:
Hobo’s Coffee House, Tuesday-Saturday, 7am – 3pm
Borrelli’s Delicatessen, Monday – Sunday, 7am – 4pm
Nossa, Tuesday – Sunday, 8am – 4pm
Treats of Yarm, Tuesday – Sunday, 8am – 4pm

Discount Code

To earn your discount code, you’ll have to do the walk first! Answer the question in the quiz below, and the code will be revealed. The location of the answer is marked on the route map with a green star.

What is the date on the blue plaque on the Hauxwell's building on West Street?

and just quickly ... how old are you?

Do you have a disability?

Further Information

You can get to Yarm using the 7, 7A, 82, 17, X17, or M5 Moorsbus. Parking is available on Yarm High Street.

The entire walk is paved, but still has some steep / rough sections, so may not be suitable for wheelchairs.


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