Traffic-free Rides

There’s a fantastic network of cycle paths in Stockton-on-Tees, which many people don’t know about. The routes below use these paths to keep you completely away from traffic, so you can focus on enjoying yourself on the ride!

River Tees Loop: Infinity and Victoria Bridges

2.6 miles // 4.1 km

20 minutes

Suitable for all bikes

One of Stockton’s most popular rides, this short loop takes in views of the Tees from both sides of the river, as well as when crossing the Infinity and Victoria bridges.

River Tees Loop: Barrage to Newport Bridge

2.9 miles // 4.7 km

25 minutes

Suitable for all bikes

Linking the Tees Barrage to the iconic Newport Bridge using both sides of the River Tees. Smooth flat paths, great for kids, and very difficult to get lost!

River Tees Loop: Infinity to Newport Bridges

4.2 miles // 6.8km

35 minutes

Suitable for all bikes

A lovely flat ride which unites 4 of Stockton’s iconic landmarks: the Bridges. Beginning at the Infinity Bridge it uses the Riverside route for its entirety.

Portrack Loop

5.9 miles // 9.5 km

45 minutes

Mostly paved surfaces with a small section of dirt path

A varied traffic-free route between Stockton centre, Norton and the Newport Bridge.

Full River Tees Loop

6.2 miles // 10 km

45 minutes

Suitable for all bikes

This is the longest loop you can ride along the Tees, from Stockton town centre to the Newport Bridge near Middlesbrough.

Elmtree to Preston Park

6.4 miles // 10.3 km

50 minutes

Suitable for all bikes

This route rides up and down the Stockton Greenway, an old railway line which has been converted into a walk and cycle path. Although it’s close to residential areas, it feels completely wild as you walk between lines of trees and past Hartburn’s Six Fields.

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